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Introduction of R&D Center

Introduction of R&D Center

Kumgang Advance Co., Ltd. established R&D center in 2010 with the experience in medical area, and we regard the fighting disease and managing healthy and happy life as our corporate philosophy. In the pursuit of this purpose, we prepared facilities and laboratories and secured senior researchers in each area for better research and development for the future through the exchange of technology among the companies and OEM joint development.

At the era of rapid growth of medical community, we are doing our best to adopt new technological change with our own vision and strategy.

Also, we will cope with the change of medical development actively and prepare for the future medical trend.

We will strive for the achievement of business innovation to improve the quality of life through continuous development of our unique technology.

We ask for your lots of support.

R&D Goal

R&D Goal
  • 1

    Suggestion of countermeasure on R&D strategy of each country that makes rapid advancement through the indepth analysis of medical scientific technology.

  • 2

    Suggestion of detailed improvement plan through the understanding of medical process condition.

  • 3

    Suggestion of advanced medical system direction through domestic R&D internationalization policy and case analysis of medical field.

  • 4

    Suggestion of medical technology through nerve and electrical stimulation.