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Corporate Philosophy & Vision

Company Protecting Precious Lives and Connecting Medicine & Human

Kumgang Advance Co., Ltd will become a company creative and reliable leading advance medical equipment field and technology innovation through exercising the most of our ability to achieve our vision and goal of 21st century and securing new technology and rapid information.

We undergo continuous tests regarding the quality, effectiveness and international standards for our products and technology. Furthermore, we apply international standards for our quality management through systematic work process. We observe ISO 13485 for our products and we will remain as the company that carries out social obligation providing best service to medical personnel.

Value & Create, Human Respect, Management of Technology, Management Objective

Value & Create

Kumgang Advance has strived to make medical equipment having best competitiveness and quality with challenge and creativity in the global competitive era of rapid medical development.

Human Respect

Management Philosophy 『Human Respect』is that we regard our members as the highest elements in our management and we do our best in cultivating talents in order for them to enjoy rich and affordable life.

Management of Technology

We will provide high technology and reliability, reasonable price, rapid information and excellent customer service through the best quality management, global competitiveness improvement, new product development and independent technical development for customer satisfaction.

Management Objective

We are going to focus in taking first place through the secure of competitiveness and the building of future growth to become a company with takeoff and change.

We will push ourselves harder in the development of core competencies and set the mid and long term goals to achieve our final goal.

· Customer Satisfaction · Responsibility Management
· Future-Oriented Management · Secure of Global Competitiveness & Expansion of Global Market Advance
· Quality Management · Technology Oriented Personnel
· Human Resources Management · Building of Innovation Infrastructure