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Carbon Light KG-CL001

Principle of Action of Carbon Light Therapy Apparatus

This product is consisted of main body, support and controller, and it is a low power light irradiator with energy density of less than 2W/㎠ which helps treat affected part by the irradiation of low power light that is generated when 2 carbon rods are combusted at high temperature through arc discharge.

Features of Carbon Light

Product Composition & Feature

Product Composition

This product is consisted of main body, controller, support, etc.

  • Main Body : Light Power Part
  • Controller : Power ON/OFF, Time Setting & Thermal Power Function
  • Support : It is connection column of thermal part and controller and it adjusts height of thermal part.
  • Power Cord : AC 220V, 60 Hz Power Input

Product Feature

  • Principle of Operation : When the input power 220V/60Hz is supplied, all powers will be on standby. When you press ON/OFF switch of main body, high voltage is generated by transformer and voltage control relay, and light power and heat is generated by the heating of carbon rod. You can control hours of use, power strength, etc.

    - Light power is generated by ignited carbon rod and power strength is controlled, and temperature is controlled by the attachment of temperature sensor and bimetal.

    - Setting time can be adjusted up to max. 60 minutes using timer, it will be turned off when set time passes.

  • Rated Voltage : AC 220V/60 Hz
  • Protection Type and Degree of Electricity : 1st Class, B Type Mounting Part
  • Safety Device

    - Power is shut off at overcurrent by installing the fuse of 250V, 10A at both ends of power input of the equipment.

    - Equipment is automatically shut off after set time.


Rated Voltage and Frequency AC 220V, 60㎐
Power Consumption 300VA
Protection Type and Degree of Electricity 1st Class, B Type Mounting Part
Hours of Use 60 minutes max. by continuous adjustment
Power Strength High : 0.03 W/cm2,Low:0.027W/cm2
Power Wavelength 200 ~ 2100 nm
Output Type Continuous Output
Output Temperature High: 32 ℃, Low: 30 ℃
Irradiation Area Ø 105 mm


Purpose of Use

Apparatus to be used in the treatment using light power with energy density less than 20J/㎠ or 2W/㎠

How to Use

Preparations before Use

  • Check if the voltage is 220V.
  • Check visually if there are foreign substances or metal parts in main body and controller.
  • Check if controller is turned on.
  • Read the instruction manual carefully before use.
  • When the user doesn’t understand the content, use it after contacting customer service center for complete understanding.

Method of Operation and Use

Each function can be used by controller switch.

  • Connect the power code.
  • Turn the ON/OFF switch of main body to ON.
  • Make thermal setting and hours of use using controller.
  • After time passes, set temperature adjusting High, Low by adjustment switch to maintain proper temperature.
  • Proper hours of use is 30 minutes per time, twice a day.
  • When you finish using it, turn off the power and unplug it.
  • Clean the equipment using dry cloth after use and store it.

Storage and Maintenance

  • When you finish using it, make sure to unplug it.
  • Do not place the equipment at humid place or near to flammables.
  • Keep out of reach of children and store it at dry place.
  • Be careful not to lose components like controller, etc. of the equipment.
  • Do not touch power area with wet hands.