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Full Spectrum Light System

Light medicine receives attention from medical treatment area.

1. Why Light? Living creatures cannot survive without light (ray). Human also maintain the life breathing the air and taking the nourishment, and obtain necessary energy for reproduction and survival under the sunlight. Light and color is one of oldest therapy in human history, and full spectrum Full Spectrum Light System is the one that induces human biological change using sunlight or carbon light of fire which is artificial visible light made through burning of carbon.

2. Full Spectrum Light System. It is applied to the treatment of many diseases or symptoms. Light can penetrate into our body and raise the temperature of deep part, which enhances level of immunity and kills all the germs or viruses.

3. Carbonlight. We cannot survive without the sun as we cannot survive without water and air. Natural healing power is strengthened through the irradiation of safe light using most similar light to that of sunlight recognizing importance of light on the scientific base.

Various living things on earth have evolved over 4 billion years diversely. Evolution is fit for the environment and flourishes the descendants making biological tissues applying the environment. The tools for evolutionary environment are [water], [oxygen] and [light].
Thus all living creatures on earth require water, air, and sunlight and body structure has evolved.

If there is no water or oxygen, any living creature cannot survive. Countries that have lots of sunlight are used not to pay attention to the importance of sunlight. Also, importance of light has been ignored according to the cultural development and destruction of ozone layer, which causes modern diseases and various symptoms.

In 5 million years of human history, there were malnutrition due to the lack of food, but there were no lack of light. Change of life environment by the cultural development causes lots of diseases by the lack of light. What does your body really need? We need to think about it once again.

In the types of lights that are used in medical treatment, visible lights have duality of wavelength and particle, and when wavelength is emphasized, we call it a light wave, and when particle is emphasized, we call it a photon. There is a treatment using these characteristics of lights.

Visible light treatment is applied to the treatment to various diseases or symptoms. Light penetrates into our body and it can raise the temperature of deep part, which enhances level of immunity and germs, viruses or cells are killed by high temperature.

Light has absolute force to living creatures.

Why diseases increase in spite of medical or scientific development?
Since human did not make animals, we need lots of time and sacrifices to explain it. Riddles exist limitlessly. Phototherapy shows the possibility of cure controlling light energy which is essential to living things. It proves that a few % of light energy may cure the disease. There is still unknown area in light energy, but it can be one of treatment methods.

Carbon Light Therapy Apparatus is......
Humanity worshiped the sun as a god in ancient times and they used sunlight as a treatment method of diseases. In medical history, Hippocrates (born in 500) who is regarded as the father of medicine started to use a light for the treatment. Since then, light treatment has been spread over the world with scientific and medical evidences.
Hippocrates said “If disease cannot be cured by medicine, it should be cured by operation, and if it cannot be cured by operation, it should be treated by the heat.”

It is to treat the affected part using the spectrum that is generated when carbon rod containing high purity elements is burned at high temperature.

Sunlight contains some harmful waves, but it can be filtered by ozone, atmosphere ingredients, etc. However, we need to be careful in taking sunbath for a long time since filtering may be weakened due to environment destruction.

Light therapy can provide effective light since it uses visible lights that removed harmful parts. All living creatures have their own colors. They have their own spectrum response with rainbow color. Spectrum response of white skin and black people is different each other. Especially, black people are less sensitive to it. Color of the person who lives in hot temperature area has black color and who lives in northern Europehaswhitecolor.

Spectrum changes by the components of carbon rod. This research has been done and color ratio of internal organs has been explained. Carbon rod is made to create minute and many kinds of spectrum distribution.

There is a individual variation, but it is the treatment not using medicines but using light energy that body organs require, and you can make treatment at home anytime.

Visible ray treatment case

Ankle pain, Burn, Cancer, Cervical inflammation, Depression, Dermatitis atopy, Eczema, Inferior venous vein, Insomnia, Pain, Parkinson's disease, Pressure ulcer, Pressure ulcer, Shingles, Tumor, Uterine myoma

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