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Medi Carbon KG-MC002

Full Spectrum Light System

Automatic Development of Inverter visible ray therapy
It is designed as an inverter type and provides convenience to users through carbon rod automatic control developed by MOSFET module.
It is composed of various programs with LCD Touch Panel for convenient user function.

Most of the visible ray therapy instruments are manual, and after a certain period of time, the user has to adjust the spacing of carbon rods, and it is very inconvenient for patients because of carbon combustion smoke and smell.

The KG-CL003. KG-MC001. KG-MC002 product developed by our company can be used automatically by setting carbon rods for four hours in a row, without automatically arcing and odor, and without any discomfort during treatment.

Medi Carbon KG-MC002

Medi Carbon KG-MC002


Input power AC190V -240V
Input frequency 50/60HZ 10A
input electric power 100W ~ 350W/220V
Operating Power 20V-30V/5A,7A,10A Switching power
Output current (10%) 5A 22V 260W
7A 27V 400W
10A 27V 640W
Control PWM : D/A Pulse Width Adjustment (5A,7A,10A)
STR Pulse ON/OFF Control(output ON/OFF)
Input voltage DC 12V
Output voltage DC 48-100V current : DC 13A MAX
Output power Up to 600~700W
efficiency MAX 70- 85%
Power ON / OFF control TTL(0V-12V)
Control method A/D PWM(1V-4V)

Medi Carbon KG-MC002