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Awarded a Nobel Prize

Visible Ray Light Therapy is Awarded a Nobel Prize

N. Finsen Doctor of Medicine

N. Finsen Doctor of Medicine

N. Finsen who is Dutch medical doctor cured tuberculosis cutis by irradiation using the sunlight for the first time in 1899 and he was awarded a Nobel Prize (1st Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, (1903) due to this treatment.

And today, many hospitals and laboratories in the world are researching light effect and treatment.

According to the recent studies, full spectrum light, ultraviolet light, colored light, and laser cure chronic pains, depression, immunological disorders, intractable diseases, and cancers, and it helps clinical treatment significantly.

Also, various light therapy apparatuses for medical use are being developed now.

Light has absolute power for living creatures.

If we understand the light, we do not afraid of any disease.
Living creatures cannot survive without light (ray). Human also maintain the life breathing the air and taking the nourishment, and obtain necessary energy for reproduction and survival under the sunlight. Light and color is one of oldest therapy in human history, and full spectrum visible light therapy is the one that induces human biological change using sunlight or carbon light of fire which is artificial visible light made through burning of carbon.
Light treatment has been started from the use of sunlight. Ancient Egypt has a record that they treated white spot disease using sunlight and plant named Amminajus and Charaka who is a Indian medical doctor and originator of Ayurveda used the sunlight to cure the disease in the6th century B.C. Wecoul dknow that the absolute power of sunlight was known to out ancestors from the fact that they used sunlight to make medicines and medicinal beverages.
Ancient botanical list recorded that moxa cautery is rather effective when it is ignited using sunlight and we could get better efficacy when we used the sunlight to fight against many diseases.

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