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Major Treatment Effect

Major Healing Effect of Full Spectrum Light

  • 01

    It has excellent effect in pain treatment. (Its pain killing action is very excellent incomparable to other treatments, and it is also effective in the pains of shoulder, waist, neuralgia, rheumatism, lupus, and pain killing of terminal cancer.)

  • 02

    Burn is cured without scars, and cicatrix is not formed. (There is a example in Japan that it was used as the treatment of atomic bomb disease and the burns.)

  • 03

    It has excellent effect in curing malignant tumors like cancer and absorbing boils.

  • 04

    It is effective in paralytic illness like partial paralysis, infantile paralysis, etc.

  • 05

    It is effective in bone diseases like arthritis, fracture, caries, periostitis, etc.

  • 06

    It is effective in dental, ophthalmologic, ENT diseases.

  • 07

    It is very effective in solution for obesity. Body weight is reduced and many diseases are cured.

  • 08

    Skin disease is cured and it is very effective in skin care. (Skin becomes smooth and fair.)

  • 09

    It is effective in many adult diseases (stroke, cardiovascular disease). It makes the blood to normal state of alkalescence.

  • 10

    It is effective in allergic disease.

  • 11

    It is effective in poisoning pollution disease. (It is effective in heavy metals like mercury and drug addition.)

Main Functions of Full Spectrum Visible Light - Carbon Light!

01. Recovery of Function : All function of the body is normalized since hormone secretion is increased, aging is prevented, energy is improved, and automatic nerve is normalized.

02. Thermal Action : It makes heat penetrate into the deep part of the body and raise the temperature up to 43~45°C killing cancer cells but strengthening normal cells.

03. Pain Killing : Cough Suppressant: It has pain killing action without relying on drug. Also, it stops cough or asthma controlling automatic nerves.

04. Production of Cell : Production of HSP: It is same as 「Regeneration Action」, especially it is effective in granulation. Carbon light raises temperature of deep part of the body and produces heat shock proteins (HSP) strengthening the cells and normalize the damaged proteins.

05. Growth Action : Irradiation of carbon light on rice, bean, chicken, silkworm, etc. makes 15% of growth of them in average, which shows obvious growth action of carbon light.

06. Sterilizing Action : It is effective in many incurable diseases since it kills harmful viruses directly and also it does phagocytosis of white blood cell.

07. Regeneration Action : Irradiation on under the wings of rooster that its testicles are removed makes regeneration of testicles, which shows obvious regeneration and proliferation actions. (It makes granulation.)

08. Detoxification : Calcium within the blood increases remarkably and it strengthens tooth or bones and newly forms them by combining with phosphorus.

09. Vitamin D Production : It revives “Ergosterin” of subcutaneous fat and makes Vitamin D.

10. Blood Increase Action : It increases white blood cells, red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood.

11. Bonesetting Action : It makes bonesetting action that set the bones of ankle, wrist and others to the right positions.

12. Metabolism Action : It improves the perviousness of the blood enhancing metabolism. Also, it works to discharge excessive cholesterol by this action.

13. Nerve Impulse Action : Light therapy stimulates autonomic nerve and recovers dull motive nerves, which recovers partial paralysis or infantile paralysis.

14. Ulcer and Inflammation Healing Action : Light therapy cures stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

- Absorption of Inflammation : When boil is swollen, irradiation reduces pain and swelling conspicuously. (When one has severe pains due to salpingitis, pain is reduced by light therapy. This means that inflammation of internal organs is absorbed.) - Promotion of pain killing, anti-inflammation and suppuration : Light penetrates into the painful boil and reduces its pain almost completely. You can promote suppuration without pain when you irradiate properly on the boil.

- Self-Drainage of Pus without Incision : Light therapy makes suppuration without pain and it can reduce exhaustion of physical strength, and it makes granulation around the boil. It also prevents expansion of boil destructing itself, which cures the boil without making scars.

- Suppuration Absorption of Internal Organs : Carbon light penetrates into the deep parts of the body and it absorbs the suppuration of internal organs. (There was an example that cured the patient with tuberculosis peritonitis who was diagnosed with incurable disease using light therapy (90 times) completely.)

15. Reviving Action : There were many examples that dead body in the morgue was revived by irradiation and it extended life expectancy conspicuously.

16. Stress Reduction Action : It relieves the fatigue of internal organs, blood or cells, nerve system, etc. and liberates us from stress of mind and body.

17. Physical Constitution Improvement Action : Long-lasting light therapy changes unusual constitution, hypersensitive constitution, scrofulosis, asthenic constitution, and stroke type constitution into healthy constitution.