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Miraculous Full Spectrum Light

Miraculous Full Spectrum Visible Light Treatment is...

『Effect of carbon light which is full spectrum visible light raises the temperature of human body killing cancer cells effectively but protecting normal cells. The reason why cancer is cured by light therapy is that it has light recovery action, blood circulation promotion action and increasing action of immunity level through the production of Heat Shock Protein (HSP). In oriental medicine, it can be explained that these are the elimination of diseases by vital force promotion using the fire of life and strengthening of muscle. Infrared, short and long wave or magnetic therapy have excellent pain killing effect also, but their efficacy is much less than the pain killing effect of carbon light, and it is the real pain killing made through the enhancement of natural healing power of human body. It is not the temporary effect made by simple paralysis of pain sense or anesthetic effect but it cures the diseases completely by natural healing as well as eliminating the cause of pain. 』
390nm ~ 800nm wavelength among the lights is called visible lights area that we recognize as a light. Out of rainbow colors like purple, navy blue, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, yellowish green which is located at 555nm from these visible lights is known as the brightest one. Brightness unit is “Candela” and color temperature unit is “Kelvin,” and wavelength unit is “Angstrom” or “Km.” There is infrared rays and ultraviolet rays outside of visible rays. Lights of Infrared heater have no red or orange colors, but heater is colored artificially. Heat wires keep us warm, but it is not good for our skin if we are exposed for a long time.
It is harmful to our skin and eyes. Length of electromagnetic wave not its color is harmful to us. Radiation is not necessary for our body at all. Even tiny amount of radiation destructs human cells easily. Radiation emitted from the sun is just by-product of nuclear fusion. Since radiation is weakened or eliminated by Van Allen belt or ozone layer, living creatures on earth are safe.

Miraculous Full Spectrum Light

As in the picture below, it is classified from radiation to radio wave. Light and radio wave have same speed but different wavelength and frequency, which makes different characteristic. Wavelength and frequency are in inverse proportion each other, and when wavelength is long, frequency is big, and when wavelength is short, frequency is big. In other words, When long-legged person walks together with short-legged person, long-legged person’s number of steps are small while short-legged person’s number of steps are a lot.
Our organs have their own colors, but individual variation is small. We can be affected by the spirit in medical treatment, but when the disease cannot be cured by the medicine or operation, we sometimes depend on natural healing and we may get surprising recovery. As visible lights are needed in the nature, living things contains the light. They are based on the law of nature.
Why diseases increase in spite of medical or scientific development? Since human did not make animals, we need lots of time and sacrifices to explain it. Riddles exist limitlessly. Phototherapy shows the possibility of cure controlling light energy which is essential to living things. It proves that a few % of light energy may cure the disease. There is still unknown area in light energy, but it can be one of treatment methods.
Sunlight that saves living creatures is the best medicine which the Creator prepared for humanity and the key to enter the door solving modern incurable diseases. We are sure that light therapy is the best natural healing method curing the diseases without jarring human body using natural light, and we hope that all persons use this product freely to enjoy healthy life. We express our respect to the doctors who cured incurable diseases including cancer.
We really wish that it gives the light of hope to the patients and their families who are fighting against cancer, and that it helps the persons of the clinics, hospitals and oriental medical clinics who are striving to overcome incurable diseases.