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Effects of Light Therapy

Effects of Light Therapy Apparatus with ifs Mysterious Efficacy!

Obesity and Senile Disorder Medical and Gastric Disease Mental Disease
Pain and Muscular Skeletal Disease Gynecological Disease Surgical Disease
Pediatric Disease Dental Disease Skin Disease, Beauty, Hair Loss
Ophthalmologic Disease Genitourinary Disease The Ear, Nose and Throat Disease, Others
There is no disease not to be cured by carbon light.

Light therapy in Japan has been developed early holding light medical conference, and they contributed to the cure of many incurable diseases using sunlight therapy apparatus, carbon light therapy apparatus and carbon rod therapy apparatus that are developed successfully.
Mr. Kuroda who is a chief of Japan Light Therapy Laboratory and authority on carbon light treatment said “There is no disease not to be cured, and adult disease is not equal to other diseases. Even incurable disease like cancer can be cured. Actually, he introduced many clinical examples of miraculous treatment of many diseases in his books like ‘Heredity and Light’ receiving the attention throughout the world.

Light has absolute power for living creatures.