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Carbon rod and use principles

Kinds of Carbon Rod Principle of Carbon Rod and Its Use!

Carbon rod with main materials of high purity carbon emits medically effective and necessary wavelength, and its center is combined with many metallic elements by high technology.

Carbon emits the most strong heat and light on earth, and carbon irradiator makes metallic elements that are in the center of carbon rod vaporize and illuminate using its high heat (3,600°C) to irradiate on the body parts.

Combined metals in the center of carbon rod are selenium, copper, iron, etc. and unique color light of each metal shows special treatment effect.

Carbon post used in light therapy apparatus is in black color with the length of 15cm and diameter of 8mm which has hole in the center and this area is filled with elements for light constituents. Carbon has good conductivity and is hard and strong, and it is weak at impact like falling and easily broken.

It is combusted at about 2,700°C ~ 3,000°C fixing in electrode holder. Then red colored and pale element combined with plasma that contains continuous spectrum is combustion light. Basic carbon is classified by color.

Spectrum can be selected by the combination of carbon rods. One box contains 10 pieces and you can use it for 4 hours per each piece. Set one out of full spectrum light, infrared light, ultraviolet light and visible light at the electrode in one side, and ignite special light and special visible light carbon. That means minimum 2 boxes are required.

Since carbon is high conductive material that is used in pantograph of electric train, you need to be careful in handling, and if you do not turn off the power when you install or replace it, accident like electric shock may occur.

Light is arc-discharged by the installation of electrode in special medical high-purity carbon. At this time, plasma is generated. Combustion temperature of carbon is 3,000°C. It is only natural light. It is a light therapy apparatus that reproduces principle of the sun (plasma phenomenon) making artificial sun with the diameter of 1cm and controls computer and wavelength of light.

Carbon and many elements are combusted and they changed to light energy which penetrates into the body deeply and makes good blood circulation increasing level of immunity and metabolism, which creates vitamins and increases calcium for smooth hormone secretion and cell proliferation.

Type of carbon rods.

Visible light is composed of a rainbow-colored

Type of carbon rods (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple)

[ Type of carbon rods (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple) ]


Tumor Disease (Ophthalmology, Paralytic Illness) Pain. Urology, Muscular Rheumatism, Pleurisy, Enlarged Prostate. Analgesic Action. Absorption Scars. Cancer, Radiation, Burns. Pain Killing, Eye.


Urology, Prostate Hyperplasia. Skin Diseases. Frostbite. Pleurisy , Neuralgia. Neurological Diseases. Parkinson's Disease. Refractory Disease.


Pain (deep area), Inflammation. Infection. Arthritis. Edema.


Skin Disease, Bone Disease, Heart Disease. Respiratory Disease, Asthma, Caries. Analgesic Action. Cataract.


Skin Diseases, Heart Disease, Respiratory Disease. Parkinson’s Disease, Gynecological Diseases, Tuberculosis.


White Spot(Leucoma), Sarcoma. Skin Disease. Neuralgia, Prurigo, Neurodermatitis


General Health Maintenance. Immunity. Anemia. Keratitis. Conjunctivitis


Cancer(Tumor), Tumentia. Cell Swelling . Diabetes. Ulcerative Bowel Disease. Neurological Diseases.