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Treatment Method

Treatment Method of Comprehensive Visible Ray Therapy

Treatment method is that basic irradiation on back of legs, both ankles, and knees for 5 minutes without using concentration, and to neck area for 5 minutes and other parts for 10~15 minutes using concentration. Please refer to the instruction manual for concentration. Irradiate twice a day for not more than 1 hour per time in the morning and evening. You can adjust light composition combining carbon rod diversely. This basic irradiation is very important one, so you need to do it surely. For your reference, if you feel that some area needs to be treated more, then you may repeat it after basic irradiation. Especially, irradiation on knees and soles is very effective. You need to learn right setting method and minimum combustion because when combustion set doesn’t work properly, you may not get good effect. Please refer to carbon inserting method into www.kumgangad.co.kr and combustion adjustment that stated here.

Treatment Method of Comprehensive Visible Ray Therapy

The ray therapy apparatus is equipped with a concentrator, and some parts are irradiated without concentration and other parts are irradiated using concentration. The parts without concentration are both soles, knees, both 배장절부, abdomen, lumbus, entire body eczema, entire body burn and so forth. Concentra tor No. 1 is covered with a large lid, and it is used for the lower abdomen, right and left 배중부, shoulders, interscapular region, occipital region, the joints of limbs and both eyes. In case of irradiation to the eyes, it is to be used to the closed eyes.
Concentration is used covering onto the concentrator No. 1, and it is used in case of irradiating the right and left regions of the throat, ears, eyes, parietal regions, the right and left upper parts of the ears, genital area, anus and other small parts. The concentrator No. 3 is the smallest one, which is used covering onto the concentrator No. 1 likely using the concentrator No. 2. The concentrator No. 3 is used for sty, periproctitis, toothache and other small parts.
As for the treatment method, the basic irradiation time is to be around 10 ~ 20 minutes for each part moving the rear of the legs, both ankles and knee without using the concentrator. And the irradiation is carried out to the occipital region for 10 minutes using the concentrator No. 1 and to the last area for 10 ~ 15 minutes. Please refer to the user’s manual of the concentrator provided.
Irradiation is performed twice a day in the morning and evening, and the therapy will be provided for an hour each time, and two hour treatment is suitable for “cancer” patients. Ray composition can be adjusted combining carbon rods diversely. The initial irradiation so-called basic irradiation is very important at light therapy, and it is not recommended to omit it. For reference, it is good for the patients who feel low effect of the treatment to repeat the basic irradiation after the part irradiation. In particular, irradiation to knees and soles are significantly effective.
Organs have their own colors, but on the contrary, the individual difference is less. As for medical treatment, it is diversely affected in terms of mental aspect. But we can see that the diseases that cannot be cured by medication or surgery can be amazingly recovered by amplifying the natural treatment effect that creatures have, in accordance with the waves of ray. As sunlight is necessary for life, the light compositions are included in creatures. They are based on the principle of nature.
What is the reason why diseases increase even if medicine or science develops? It requires a lot of time and sacrifice to explain it, as human beings have not created animals. It is because mysteries infinitely exist. The ray therapy shows the possibility to be used for treatment operating ray energy with the benefit of nature that is essential for creatures. The evidence is that the ray energy of only a few % can realize diverse treatment. We think that uncharted territory still exists with regard to ray energy.
The Focus of Ray Treatment
As ray is straightly irradiated from the center of the burning point of a carbon rod and puts the focus at the center of the affected area or ache, a concentrator should be used if the affected area is small. In case of indirect irradiation in lieu of a specific affected area, the ray center illuminates to the center of the irradiated region without adjusting a light surface. For example, as for the indirect irradiation to the areas such as soles, ankles and knees, a light surface is not adjusted. But even in this case, it is required to make the light surface narrow in order to strengthen or normalize the related organs and tissues by irradiating specific meridian system or acupoint. It is because the efficiency of an irradiation apparatus increases, when the light surface is narrower by reducing the irradiation range. Clinical results show that the light amount reduced by covering a concentrator or using a lid can be recovered to some extent by narrowing the distance to the irradiation apparatus.
The Limit of Ray Treatment Time
Irradiation time of ray for a single part is basically 10 – 15 minutes. Due to health care issue, it is good to perform the irradiation of everyday or every other day for around 10 minutes to a part and total 3 – 5 parts (for 30 – 50 minutes per day). However, in case of earreflexology, constipation or cold constitution that is not generally considered as a disease, the etiology should be fundamentally treated by the therapy (irradiation time of about 30 minutes) suitable to the causes such as high blood pressure, bad intestines or gynecological diseases to make health bodies without earreflexology, constipation or cold constitution. In case of an acute symptom, the irradiation for 1 – 2 hours is required.
Preparation of Ray Treatment (Irradiation)
As ray is not effective unless it directly falls onto the skin, all the objects blocking it should be removed prior to irradiation. For example, (1) bandage gauze, (2) sweat, (3) ointment and so on should be carefully removed not to damage the skin (But the area containing dried pus of the epithelium such as eczema is irradiated.)
Ray treatment should be carried out in a well-ventilated room, and an enclosed place should have ventilation equipment in the room. In case of a well-ventilated room, the light is turned off if the irradiation apparatus faces in the direction of wind. And as patients are reluctant to exposure in winter due to the cold weather, please tell them that they would not catch a cold since the ray energy is absorbed into the body to increase the temperature when the ray is irradiated.
Research on the Area of Ray Treatment
Proper treatment rapidly shows the effect. Study the treatment area suitable for the symptom of the disease. In principle, the irradiation is performed at the farthest part from the heart at first, and the range is gradually extended. In my opinion, the relevant parts are related to the main acupoints. For instance, I presume that No ⑦ responds to 용천, No. ② to 족삼리, No. ③to 풍지, No. __ to 복사혈, No. __ to 중완, No. __ to the acupoint of 백회. Considering the fact that carbon ray therapy has the same effect and nature with moxibustion, it will be helpful to study the treatment area mainly with the responding acupoint. When a small area such as an acupoint part is irradiated, it is regarded difficult to get the sufficient effect of the ray amount reduced by using a lid with only reducing the distance. In this case, irradiation may be carried out by drilling a small hole at thick paper. To use a irradiation plate fabricated suitable for an affected area may get an ideal effect sometimes.
Treatment Distance (Too high temperature reduces the effect.)
The irradiation distance has to be set to feel warmth that a patient feels comfortable. When it gradually gets warm in proportion to the combustion of carbon, adjust the distance to warmth that the patient feels good. As skin sensitivity to rays varies depending on people, and the sensitivity of the same person also differs depending on the part irradiated, increase or decrease the feeling temperature asking to patients. In addition, burns and festered area should be especially irradiated adjusting the temperature not too hot. Remember that the effect is rather less, if the temperature is too hot or warm expecting thermal effect.
Irradiation to Patients with Serious Illness
Irradiation to patients who have serious illness should be performed correctly after irradiating the part to be treated. It is sometimes good to irradiate the patients who have difficulty in breathing for a quite long time, and the affected area of internal organ with ulcer should not be directly examined. As for all the patients with serious illness, irradiate the right and left sides of the throat for 5 minutes respectively using a concentrator No. 2 after irradiating to both soles for 30 minutes – 1 hour. In particular, if a patient has an ache or cramp at the internal organs, keep on examining the part.

In case of a serious patient who has bedsore, the part of bedsore should be well examined and treated beside of the above mentioned contents. When a patient has difficulty in breathing or heart pain, both soles should be irradiated for a long time until the pain disappears, in other words, until the symptom is relieved. As for addiction patients who do not have effect at both soles, irradiate the anus using No. 2 concentrator. (However, in case of the patients of chest disease, gastroptosis or serious pleurisy, the surface of chest or abdomen must be directly irradiated.) Indirect irradiation to the soles, knees, throat, anus or lower back is also effective. And as for symptoms except intestinal tuberculosis, it is expected to get the generally good effect if the right and left lower abdomen is irradiated once respectively.

Consideration of Symptom before Ray Treatment

In case of a surgical incised wound, bruise or nodule, the local treatment and irradiation to feet are carried out, but as for patients who have complicated chronic symptom, the area of ray irradiation and time should be determined based on the patient’s explanation of the symptom and a medical doctor’s diagnosis. And it is desirable to determine the specific direction after considering the symptoms together with the following particulars.
1. Excrement
Defecation of once a day is normal. In case of more times per day or constipation, it is regarded as abnormality and check if it is acute or chronic (temporary or deep-seated). If it is too many times, the cause may be intestinal catarrh, diarrhea, headache, omodynia or abnormal temperature.
2. Urine
Ask patients how many times they get up to urinate after sleeping. Getting up to urinate after going to bed is regarded as the flaw of physical strength. (If the amount of urine is much, it is suspected as diabetes. And in case of too little amount, urologic disease, renal disease or uremia is suspected.)
3. Appetite
If a patient has no appetite or poor appetite, it means the state of reduced physical strength, and indicates lowered stamina due to pathologically unbalanced diet.
4. Temperature
As known by a common sense, temperature increase means that a person has the cold. Human beings have to maintain a constant temperature since they are homoeothermic animals, and the abnormality of temperature is the state that homestasis breaks, which is an important signal. Especially, in case of sharp increase and decrease of temperature, the disease symptoms should be put together to handle.
5. Sleep
As described at the above paragraph, sleep is greatly related to physical strength. Night sleeping time, the state of dreaming after going to bed, and sleeping immediately after going to bed should be investigated in detail.
6. Weight
Obese people due to overweight are regarded having the sick bodies.
7. Progress after Pathogenesis
The progress after pathogenesis should be observed with great interest to determine the treatment measures.
8. Current State
Investigate the degree of disease if it occurs continuously, spasmodically or regularly, the breadth and narrowness, the occurrence of complications, and the details of a functional disorder.
9. Medical History
Check the previous medical history. In case of hereditary diseases, it is required to know the causes of death of parents and grandparents. Record the symptoms in detail before starting treatment, and consider the proper irradiation depending on the elapse of time.